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PostSubject: Ruki   Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:30 pm

02/15/107 (thu) 00:16:05

Rain… The world is on Valentine's Day.
I'm on BLACK MORAL on my computer.
This time's goods are quite awesome too, so there's great anticipation.

Ah, I forgot to say this, but tickets are being sold at high prices.
There are also heartless people in existence.

Maa, it's totally up to the person to purchase it though.

Unwillingness, right.

As many of those who are willing to buy at a high price, there are also those who sell at a high price.

I don't wish for those who sell (high-priced tickets) to be my fans.

Well, later.

02/02/107 (fri) 02:25:28

Iya-,I'm a happy clam. (Okay, I translated that funny on purpose okay :3)

For everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I wish to return a happiness that is no less than that to you.

Thanks for all the feelings! (He meant all the well-wishes :3)

01/20/107 (sat) 01:26:56

Dear Aoi

Happy Birthday.


01/01/107 (mon) 00:04:54

HELLO 2007
Good tidings. (trans.note: I'm not sure what he means; ah dialect & slang are difficult to translate!)

12/25/106 (mon) 07:51:01

Many Thanks (for the great tour).
With good tension, those who came to the tour final, I think it was due to the power of everyone who participated there.
The power of this tour seemed to have surpassed that of the previous one.
Thank you.

And the encore.
It seems there will be a misunderstanding as well, so I'll talk about it (beforehand).
This fourth point is our "origin"
A place we were raised in. A place that took care of us in our time of suffering.
Capacity has nothing to do with it. It's a place that we wanted to do with an emotional/mental part. (trans. note: I'm assuming he meant that since it's a place of such significance, it really relates to them emotionally, so they wanted to do that part of the tour with those feelings in tact)

From the fans viewpoint, there may be a 'difficult to get tickets' kind of demerit, but it's the same thing with any of the other areas we could've performed at.
It's the area's small live house that we've come to perform at, but somehow we didn't perform in Tokyo.

I want to perform intensely (here) from now on.
No matter how many large places (concert halls & the like), we'll continue to perform at this live house.
Be it small, or large (is of little importance)…

Physical distance is no longer relevant to us and everyone (the fans). We can feel everything closely more than anything else.
If one were to extend a hand out, it will always reach.
So, always come to our lives, alright.
Because we'll break it all down. (trans. note: it could be 'we'll destroy it all'…basically this is a 'catchphrase' kind of thing)

Anyways, we'll be doing awesome things next year as well, so you won't miss it? You rascals.

Thanks for everything up till now.
Happy Merry X'mas

12/16/106 (sat) 23:02:07

First of all, thanks to all at the lives up to Fukuoka.
There was various troubles, but thanks to everyone, I think we were able to do a pronounced live.

Next is Mie.


Shima-Bassiste+Leader Akuryou-Chanteuse Setsu-Guitariste second guitar=search the guitarist 2?Oo...= Search the drummer 2!
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