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I n c u l t e
I n c u l t e

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Age : 30
Registration date : 2007-07-23

PostSubject: Summum   Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:58 pm

Author: Dark Bloody Yakigane
Titlee: Summum
Disclaimer: They are not with me, it ever arrived, and all that it is well damage.
Kind: Yaoi, lemon, music
Pairing: Aoi X Uruha, for the greatest happiness of three of my preferred authors.
Note of the author: I had said to Totchi: “When I would have finished Linda Linda! , I make you AoRuwa”. The voilou 8D On the other hand, that is likely to be dark, and no one. Afflicted. Mood of the moment.

Chapter 1: Back with back, Face to face

I observe you, by far. By far. You cannot even give an account of it to you. Your fingers traverse your guitar while you repeat the accoustic part of D.L.N. Whereas you work as I would like to do it, my hair drawn, is mixed, modelled, in short, capped behind.The hairdresser, moreover, it looks at my reflection with a great smile. Yes, I know, I am beautiful, it repeats it each time to me. Yes, I know, it as said me as if I turned to the women, it would like to be with me. Yes, I know, it did not understand that you did not already crack by seeing me like that.

“Yes, I know,” murmured I before even as it could not pronounce a word.

It looks me with a pout opposed, knowing very well that I knew his speech by heart. If you do not crack, it is because you love the women, quite simply… And with the way in which you cheeks, I suppose that there is one in your heart of them… Such an amount of worse.I would not make him shade. If you hold so much with it, I would even help you to remain at his sides. You ceases to play to throw an eye with my reflection, while smiling. What can you think well in this moment? With which? I do not know anything, but you mouse, and that is enough for me.I mouse in my turn, but more for you that for my reflection. I throw a discrete eye there, discovering that my hair was much blacker than I imagined it… Good, I acknowledge, there is more alarming. I will join my liked, to cherish his cords sensuellement, to tear off melodic moanings to him…And you, you join me to make some in the same way. We will repeat together, but to do it face to face is a true torture for me, then I would be back with you. The sound of our guitars agrees to wonder whereas I feel your cordial glance in my back.It transpierces my shoulder, reaches one moment my heart, makes me frissoner then is diverted to be posed on your guitar.
I would believe almost that you guessed my discomfort; in fact, I am almost sure since you forsake your instrument for insufler a soft heat with my body, slipping your delicious face into my neck and your arms fine and delicate around my body.

My heart panics and my body stiffens whereas I feel your breath against my neck and your chest against my back.
“Does That go, Aoi?” your lips against my neck murmur.

How could that go whereas you are there, against me, to tighten me against you like reassuring of a bad dream?

Your pressure reassures me and makes me panic at the same time; I want to remain in your arms and to escape to me as quickly as possible from it. Leashes me to flee, Uruha, leashes me to flee! My breath has to accelerate, because you tighten your pressure, taking up the challenge from now on, your eyes to me slipping on my face as to seek the cause of my concern. Except that the cause of my concern, it is you.

My face remains obstinately turned towards the ground and my instrument, while you always seek to know the reason of my problems.
“Yes, Uruha, all are well…”

I take a tone more or less enjouated, and smile wrongfully - what can that make you, after all? You me mouse in return and you changings, empoignant your instrument, preparing you to join the scene. I remain a moment there, until Ruki, Reita, then Kai do not push me to join the scene in my turn. I am really obliged to go there? Because I do not want… With back-plate, I slip my electric guitar around my body and pushes a sigh of well-being.This guitar, you offered it to me by me ensuring that the sound corresponded to me with wonder. I do not know too what to think about it, but indeed the sound immediately rained me, and it is completely in agreement with my play… I cherish it one moment as I would like to cherish your body, before joining the remainder of the group on scene. I smile with my guitar.For me, it represents you. Yes, I know, it is ridiculous. You do not look at me, and fortunately, moreover, because you would finish by you foutre of my mouth. Comes the fateful moment from our duet, and I join you on the podium of Ruki to play back with back with you. We look at our guitars, the public, our guitars…And we look at ourselves. My eyes categorically refuse to join hold them, whereas I feel those to be posed on me. But despite everything our glances cross, and I panic. By chance, the duet is finished soon and we separate again; I join my place and holds it to you, with the other end of the scene. One day, my heart will explode…
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I n c u l t e
I n c u l t e

Number of posts : 3
Age : 30
Registration date : 2007-07-23

PostSubject: Re: Summum   Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:58 pm

Chapter 2: My delicious pain

I do not dare to look at you. Even when we begin Regret, I do not arrive there. Your black eyes entangled me so much that I know that if I look at you, I would forget some to play. My eyes concentrates on the guitar and the public, whereas your voice resounds with that of Ruki. I feel you to sing, the sad voice. What do you have, Aoi, in this moment? You lie me in vain, I know that something does not go well.Why do you want nothing to say? The song is completed under the applause of the public while my glance explores all the room, by avoiding the place carefully where you are… The concert finishes, Ruki thanks the public, we greets all together, to each end, and leaves.I do not look at myself even, or then by far. I prefer to contemplate your reflection, at least this manner, I can observe you without you not knowing it…

“Uruha? Coiuld you hurry to dress yourself, one returns to the hotel,” tells me Reita, leaving me my torpor and the admiration of your body.

I look at it, taking again my spirits, and turns one moment towards the glance towards you. You are barechested, in full change… I divert the glance at once, feeling me to redden with the sight of your sublime body. I move towards my cabin perso. Yes, of agreement, I show my thighs in concert, on the photographs, in the clips and others, but that obstructs me.Undermine anything, I am rather modest, and I do not think of succeeding in daring to show my too thin chest with the other members of the group after having seen hold it which is so perfect… I thus change quietly, only, and throws an eye with my body. They is not good, I still lost…I do not manage almost any more to eat, and I force myself in vain, it is still not enough… Somebody strikes with my door, I am still chest-naked, not brilliant…

Uruha ?>>

There is the voice which resounds the door, its softness solidifying each one of my muscles, traversed of an unverifiable shiver. If your simple voice makes me this effect, which could make me your body…? It is not frankly the moment to think of that…


You half-open the door gently, passing your face in entrebaillement like not disturbing me. An adorable childish smile decorates your lips, even if you seem to tremble… Your face takes a color tomato suddenly and is withdrawn entrebaillement, whereas you close again the door of my cabin.

“Ah! I, euh, Uruha…” sneaked , like confused, again behind the door.

I change quickly and opens the door, returning you in my turn a smile. I should not lose all my means you're involved, if not I would not arrive at nothing… I recover my costume, my instruments and my bag, then I leave the room, discussing with you as usual. Two old friends sharing the same passion for the guitar; here what we have in common when we are together.What is not seen, it is the pain which I feel each time we speak, each time I see simply your face… Your voice, your face, your attitude, all carries me to believe that you are in love. I do not know who you like… Surely a woman, a very pretty woman who knows all the value of your body and who takes care of it. Surely a woman who loves you in return, as much as me I love you.As much? I do not know if it is possible. Or at least I hope that is not it. I want to be the only one to thus admire your beautiful black eyes, your hair darker than the darkness densest, your lips if trying, punctuated this ring which gives me only more desire for touching them, your fine, delicate body and so well done, your hands which can make so well vibrate the cords of your guitar, emphasizing your perfection to each one of your emotions. Even a song like Shadow VI II I, if you it cheeks whereas you are sad, will appear sad to me, even if you tents to hide it. It is all that which makes me think that you do not go well in this moment. And I want to speak about it with you… Ah, here is the hotel. I join my room, holds it to you. They are side by side, to believe that it is done purposely…

“Good night, Aoi,” mumured Uruha.
“Good night, Uruha,” answered Aoi.

We exchange a smile, then regain our respective rooms. Simply dressed of trousers, I lie on the covers and firm the eyes, ready to plunge in the sleep… But you draw me, striking again with my door. I come to open to you and proposes to you to enter.

“Thank you… I can sit down? ” “Of course, sit down on the bed.”

You do it; and, almost honoured with tone gesture, I asseois timidly at your sides, not daring to look you in the eyes. However, your hand is posed on my cheek, slips under my chin, and obliges me to do it… I do not have any more an other choice but of drowning my eyes in the two dark pearls which look at me.

“Uruha… Say to me if I am mistaken, but, are you in love?” requested.

You typed into full in the thousand, without knowing that the person who makes vibrate my heart with the manner of the cords of a guitar, it is you. You who makes it vibrate as you are the only one with knowing to make vibrate cords.

“You too, Aoi?”


Yup, a pretty girl... breathes himself, seemed desprate. if you'd knew that I could give you a smile! And you?
a brown one, answered. a very pretty brown one.

We laugh together. You me forces to look at you more, but my glance slips naturally towards hold, generating on our premises two a giggle each time they cross.

Tell me everything...
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I n c u l t e
I n c u l t e

Number of posts : 3
Age : 30
Registration date : 2007-07-23

PostSubject: Re: Summum   Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:59 pm

Chapter 3: Your body for his

Our voices were linked for this last sentence. I panic one moment: how to speak you about yourself without you not knowing who it act? Indicator your air as lost as mine, my panic grows blurred, and I go back to smiling.

Good, I start, “say I of a assured voice. I took again confidence in me. “It is thus a beautiful blond… Rather made, perhaps a little thin well. She is large, and its smiles are to be fallen…”
“And its first name?” requests you, as passioné by my account.

I stop one moment. I all the same will not leave that “it” is called Atsuaki!

Amy... She is called Ami.

You smile. As I said it, your smiles are to be fallen… How not to look my eyes on your lips at this moment? You do not say anything on this subject, therefore I continue. I look at them moving, these lips, without too much understanding on what they say. I am each one of their movement, it has there only that which imports me… That becomes a play, then a fascination.

Aoi... Aoi, you listened to me?

I raise the head, drawn from my daydream by your voice.

You didn't listened to me eh?--
Oh, Sorry~

But you post a smile; and if I did not know myself in love, I would have already captured these two strawberries which only require to be crunched. I am satisfied to throw you a small guilty glance to excuse me my inattention. How could I not listen to you, who me captive so much? I smile in my turn, rather awkwardly, and you laugh almost.

“I thus said,” do you begin again of an amused voice, “are to you where about it?”

I lower the head, sadly, seeking from now on to avoid your glance. I do not want that you know, even if I await only that. Except that I do not think that it is the moment…

Platonic love. And that will not go further, I think. For the moment, in any case. “

My voice is sad and dull. I bite myself the lip, detailing once more glance your body which attracts me so much. Your face, first of all. End and female, soft and tender. Your benevolent eyes but with the airs melancholic persons, your fine eyebrows which record your softness. Your nose which goes down as a cascade to your lips, rounds and fleshy, your lips which gives an irresistible desire for crunching them.My glance goes down on your chin, to slip until on your smooth neck, whose only appearance gives impressions of softness to me. I would have liked to know if it were true, but nothing authorized me there. Even not you…

“They is good, I do not force you to say some more,” breaths you, on an worried atmosphere.
“Thank you… And me, I can know?”
“Of course!”

And you detail it to me. It is brown, very brown. Her hair semi-long, is recently cut. her eyes are black ebony, “darker than darkness” you say. she has a very beautiful fine and flexible body, and she is called Suna.

“And when I could see this beauty?” my lips slip whereas I am very close to you.

You hesitate one moment, and I like your lost glance. I mouse tenderly with this vision: you resemble a small child, it is really too nice! And here is the kind of reflexion which inserts me in my sadness and my loneliness. What to make, vis-a-vis such a beautiful woman? No idea… My glance is lost in the vacuum, and this time it is you who raises my chin, forcing me to drown in your eyes.

Aoi, how are you? You seemed tired~

I sadly nod my hair. I'm not tired but a little sad. [...]

“I am exhausted… I will sleep.”

I am on the point of raising me to join my room, but you retain me with a timid smile. Too nice.

“You seemed too burst to make the way to your room… You can sleep here, if you want. After all, it is a bed with two places…”

I look you of an astonished air, but your eyes insist. I voice badly to refuse such a proposal, moreover I have the impression that it is more because you require for company that because I am tired, that you want that I remain.Maybe, I would remain. Already ready to lay down me before to have even struck with your door, I slip under the covers, not so much far from you… Our glances cross, our lips are smiled. I hesitate one moment and ose to ask you something which, for me, is so inaccessible that it is as if I asked you to marry me.

“Uruha…” murmured I.
“Yes?” you answered gently, almost tenderly.
“I have…” I take again my breath. I do not manage to believe that I will ask you that. “I can take to you in my arms?”

That is there. It left. And that made of the good. I sigh of relief, as removed from a heavy burden. Little imports me if you refuse, I said it. Except that I expected all, except so that you have the disturbed air as if I had made you a declaration of love, or even so that you smile me gently. You do not imagine how much I can be disturbed…

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