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PostSubject: Aoi   Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:09 pm

02/08/107 (thu) 20:00:20

Dear everyone.
How is Hyena? At present, is the recent sound of the GazettE reverberating within everyone?
Promptly, I'd like to say I'm the happiest possible with all (the people) that sent me their feelings. It's something like a stimulus for making the next work.

Hm, it's not relative, but the GazettE will be a full 5 years old soon. While I'm thinking that the passing of time just goes by real fast, the days pass, but this year, there's a feeling that it'll be a year with vigor that won't lose to the passage of time. A stubborn feeling (a feeling that won't leave even to the very en).

Leaving you with that, it'll be about 1 month's time before we all meet (again).
Until then, the five members of the GazettE will be working on their skills. So, see ya later.

02/07/107 (wed) 00:59:04

The day of Hyena's release! Everyone, please listen to it!

01/25/107 (thu) 07:35:28

Even though it's a blunder, because I slept for around 18 hours yesterday, I'm doing work at this hour…
The morning sun is just too wonderful! It'd be great if everyone gets to see it!

With this situation, and during this invigorating morning, I'm continuing to create this song going around the negative parts.

The mass of people! School or work, go with energy today as well…

01/20/107 (sat) 11:34:47

Thank you so much!
Of all personal events each year, this is definitely one of the happiest days…
To meet the support of various people on this day, I think time and time again that I've been loved.
From now on, there will days concentrated with stiffening feelings again.
Even after this, please be kind to me even when it gets tough.

I definitely cannot live without being loved by the members, the staff, everyone.

The things that cannot be replaced in my life that I receive, for this I thank you all!

01/11/107 (thu) 04:29:13

Did you see the PV spot?
It's cool yeah?
This spot is my favorite so far.
It's about a month until it's out, please look forward to it.

the GazettE

01/03/107 (wed) 02:17:23

I'm late (in writing this entry).

Happy New Year!

Let's work hard this year as well!

12/13/106 (wed) 23:45:11

Good~bye~Mister trouble!
Two out of the Shikoku series, there was no equipment troubles!
Surely, the equipment is worn huh.
Because of that, my heart has gone cold, but the live heated it right up, so no problemo!
A~, the tension is rising!
With this heatedness, first of all, let's eat a meal.
Feelings & meals get heated! An ironclad rule.

12/06/106 (wed) 00:25:34

Japan is…
Going forth to Toyama, there were performances on radio show & the like. In spite of the first one being a live broadcast, we barely made it and I apologize to everyone involved whom we caused trouble & worry to~. I thought.
But, we safely finished everything accordingly, that was great.

And, after work, a certain senpai. Nn~, sorry to trouble you senpai…Thank you for letting me go such a spectacle!
No, it's amazing. Really. At the time before the song till the moment all sounds stopped, it was a flawless performance. Masterpiece is the right word for it.
As I thought, even I who has an ear for guitars (their sounds), but until now, more than the appearance of the band, it was an impressive stout guitar sound~.
Moreover, meeting with that familiar voice, it's as I thought, it's a band Japan can be proud of~. I thought.
Of course, it's like that because of a pretty competent foundation.

I don't know what to say.
For the first time, an appearance which is purely "amazing!" There's nothing else but this that I can say.

There are various bands, but the tope of Japan's bands is definitely great.
It's like I can't say anything else but it's great, but really, today's event brought about a large motivation for me.
Without forgetting about today's impact (on me), I'll continue to make an effort.

12/03/106 (sun) 15:05:16

We freed up some time.
Thank you Koriyama.
Yesterday, I slept the whole day, so I'm an energized Aoi.

Now then, how was the Koriyama live, hm?
Before the rehearsal, my power amp was broken, so my feelings were of great anxiety. But after the performance started, that was totally unrelated; we had a good feeling live. After all, I myself am not alone right~. Thinking of this, I give thanks to the other members, the staff, and the fans.
During this tour occurrences like lowering of insistence, sounds not coming out, equipment breaking has happened each time is somehow or other like a tribulation (that we go through), but we've dealt with each one at a time, so I want to show you the perfected outcome soon.
Next is Toyama, let's do our best.

12/01/106 (fri) 14:45:35

Thank you, Sendai.
For times of enjoyment, it's full of moments we go 'Ah!' isn't it.
Yesterday, we did a customary tour 'Last Peak'
As soon as I was about to write a journal entry, holding my cellphone, I fell asleep.
I slept leisurely today, so it seems I'll be able to do my best.

Ah, thanks for the encore! Sapporo was great, everyone got on stage together quickly, it was wonderful. With this condition, at the 'All Member Participation' live, let's run through it quickly till the end!

Looking forward to today's live at Koriyama yeah!

Well then, ladies and gentlemen! Let's meet in a few hours.

the GazettE


Shima-Bassiste+Leader Akuryou-Chanteuse Setsu-Guitariste second guitar=search the guitarist 2?Oo...= Search the drummer 2!
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