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S h i m a
The N o s e l e s s A d m i n
The N o s e l e s s A d m i n

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PostSubject: reita   Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:14 pm

02/01/107 (thu) 00:45:13

Today's Happy Birthday is Ruki's.
Are you going to throw a party?

01/20/107 (sat) 00:16:15

Cheers to Aoi's birthday.

01/04/107 (thu) 18:39:11
Happy New Year!
Best regards for this year as well!
Let's make this year a hot one! (as in, let's make it heated one…passionate one…I found it kind of weird that it's 'sunbe' but it means roughly how I translated it)

12/25/106 (mon) 16:57:51

This year's tour ended safely.
With this, it's seems we'll be greeted with a good year. I'm really grateful to everyone.
Everyone who has to deal with the GazettE, Merry Christmas!

12/02/106 (sat) 03:54:50

First of all, thank you Sapporo, Sendai, & Koriyama!
During the Koriyama encore, I came back (only) once because there was trouble (with the equipment, etc)!
It wasn't because I was mad or anything like that.(laugh)
But, there was a series of trouble today huh~.
The lives up till now, this may be the one with the most…
Well, let's do our best for the remaining 9 (performances)!


Shima-Bassiste+Leader Akuryou-Chanteuse Setsu-Guitariste second guitar=search the guitarist 2?Oo...= Search the drummer 2!
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