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The N o s e l e s s A d m i n

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PostSubject: Kai   Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:17 pm

01/20/107 (sat) 02:23:25

Happy Birthday, Aoi-chan?

01/08/107 (mon) 14:06:40

Becoming of Age Ceremony!!!!

To all of the new 'of age'people! Congratulations!!

From now on there will be various challenges you will face, but without
losing yourself, I want you to do your best with a smile!!

Forgotten things and the like, is something different!!*laugh*
(trans.note: I'm not quite sure what he means here…lol, sorry if I have
a lousy translation for this part)

Afterwards, you should give thanks to the parents who have looked after
you until you became of age, returning favors from now on are good you


01/01/107 (mon) 03:36:06

Happy New Year! m(_ _)m

Best regards for this year as well!

Something like that, right!*laugh*

Well, I'm writing the first journal entry of the new year, so that's a
customary statement, but this is a notice about the internet radio

There's one today (radio show)!

I'm sorry for the late notification. (^_^Wink

12/25/106 (mon) 14:09:13

Merry Christmas! ?(>?<)

Nagoya, Hiroshima, Osaka Many Thanks?

Let's try to reminisce about this tour…we gained a great deal and we didn't lose anything!
I thought 'this is the end huh'! (translation note: I think he meant that, wow, it's so unbelievable that it's over)

Let's continue as GazettE together this year as well?

We love the GazettE music everyone helped create more than anything else!!

I love you!!

12/20/106 (wed) 02:26:11

Kagawa, Fukuoka, Mie, my thanks?

Sorry, it's put in this order! ^_^;

But, no matter what place, it was fun!

Recently, I really think that we are quite helped by those around us! Yup!

Starting from our fans, the production company, the instrument
technicians, office staff…I think we have a wonderful connection
between us.

Like this, the things we create with everyone, whatever they are, it
becomes something that can't be changed, something that will remain for
the rest of our lives, right!

Formally, I hope for your continued good regards from now on as well m(__)m

Well, tomorrow is Nagoya! We have arrived!!!*laugh*

12/13/106 (wed) 02:58:14

Yo! \´?`)

Yo! (´?`/

Thanks Matsuyama!

Thanks for the pleasant day today!

It's that huh! Gradually, I've come to think about how everyone at the
hall looked forward to it!

It's a good thing! Yup! Yup!

Continuing at the Kagawa live, what kind of live will it be I wonder…Yu~p I'm looking forward to this~

With this said! Not to be awake for too long, or the manager will get mad *laugh* I'm going to bed!

Good night

12/08/106 (fri) 00:08:30

Toyama, Kanazawa thanks! It was fun!

Going around the north has ended, but it was a good feeling?

With this manner, going around the south, let's make it buoy buoy together! *laugh*

I'm a bit worried about colds…Well, to keep warm, I'm going to sleep it off today (^_^Wink


A! It's about the blog update, but my computer is broken, so I couldn't do it! m(_ _)m

My computer will come back revived real soon, so wait a bit please! *sweat*

12/03/106 (sun) 21:27:07

YOoooooo!!! \(´?`\

Iyaa~ During times of fatigue, should always meet it with brightness & energy! *laugh*
Then you wouldn't catch colds! Don't they say that illness breeds from spirit/mood! *laugh*

Well well!

Today, to those who always listen to the net radio, I must make…an apology…to…
I had said that the members might be appearing on the show tomorrow, but the due to the schedule, it's impossible!

I'm sorry…(T_T)

12/02/106 (sat) 00:12:20

Thank you, Koriyama!

Today, I thought we'd end at 3 …it has nothing to do with the performance hall, okay! I understand that everyone understood, but I completely felt it! *laugh*

At this pace, riding through the remainder, my regards!

12/01/106 (fri) 00:53:40

Yo Sendai!

Today was also enjoyable! It was a live that you could feel the sense
of unity!
Ruki, doing the MC, also said this, but as it is, let's have fun to the
fullest with a sense of unity for the remainder of this tour as well!

With those feelings, thank you very much for today m(_ _)mm(_ _)mm(_ _)mm(_ _)mm(_ _)m


Shima-Bassiste+Leader Akuryou-Chanteuse Setsu-Guitariste second guitar=search the guitarist 2?Oo...= Search the drummer 2!
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