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 Disorder-Fools Mate - November 2004

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S h i m a
The N o s e l e s s A d m i n
The N o s e l e s s A d m i n

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PostSubject: Disorder-Fools Mate - November 2004   Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:25 pm

Interviewer: There are a lot of different styles of song in Disorder...

Aoi: We wrote lots of different types of songs and, for a long time, we
didn't really care about what style of music the album would be.

Interviewer: It seems a lot more consistent then usual.

Ruki: Just like us, I wanted it to have an image. I think all of the
songs in it are linked to some type of image. It became a kind of
impulsive album. When we'd finished Disorder I felt we could go back to
the time when the band had just started out...Disorder became, like,
the first step.

Interviewer: This is the first full album the band have created. Did
you ever think about the things you could do because it's an album?

Uruha: Yes!! We tried to do things that fitted each of our tastes, or things that are kind of maniacal. Saraba is like that.

Interviewer: Did the fact it was an album show by the the order of the songs?

Uruha: The order of the songs is kind of like a set list in our concerts.

Ruki: It's like there's an entrance and then an exit.

Interviewer: Is there a particular point for each of you in this album?

Kai: I was very particular about the sound with my drums. I used 2
snare drums for 1 song and then changed the tam drum's tuning for each
song. I thought it would be more interesting if I concentrated on the
sound and thought about everything in the album.

Reita: I changed the bass models so that the sound would be different each time.

Interviewer: What about the guitars?

Aoi: I tried to concentrate on what I was doing. Sometimes it would be
tiring so I just hoped I'd be able to listen to it as long as I could
because it's an album. But I emphasized everything as much as I could.
I guess I kept an appropriate balance...

Uruha: I played it emotionally. That's about all. Well, when I listen
to the songs, visions of each song flashes through my mind. I tried to
represent the sound. I tried to imagine the ways in which I could
express the scene or the people by the guitar.

Interviewer: Haven't you ever tried to express something from your thoughts before?

Uruha: No, I've never thought about it, but this time I could see them. The songs told something to me, and I answered.

Interviewer: This time it the guitars sounded very individual...

Aoi: The recording of the drums and the bass was finished quickly, and
we had about a day and a half of free time so I talked with an engineer
about the sound that I make.

Interviewer: What about vocals?

Ruki: I sang as usual. This time, I think, I was quite particular about
the lyrics and melodies. I almost bursted. It was like I wanted to run
away (laughs). I couldn't concentrate very much, and I was like, "Oh my
god, I can't write them!!"

Interviewer: Explain your album and mainly your new songs.

The $ocial Riot machines

Ruki: Aoi wrote this

Aoi: When we were deciding which songs would be recorded for the album,
we couldn't find any songs that we felt would be good for the first
song for it. There was no loud music so I composed some. It was the
first time I composed a loud song for Gazette.

Ruki: It was nice to have such incredible structure.

Aoi: I thought it was good, like feeling something strange, but also feeling something nice when listening to it.

Interviewer: I think the title's also quite interesting.

Ruki: This word already existed from the period of ~MADARA~. If you translate it into Japanese it means 'Shakai boudou ki'.

Interviewer: So it's called currency. I thought it had a meaning like 'make a revolution'.

Ruki: I think this is the kind of image Gazette is.


Ruki: I wrote Carry?. I was thinking of bats flying and Frankenstein
was floating in my mind. It isn't the theme of the song but it's what I

Uruha: I never imagined it had such a gothic image. So I didn't really expect this song to become so.

Ruki: Actually, this song has a gothic core.

Reita: I never thought he'd sing it in English. I thought it would be
more melodious. Well, it is melodious too, but it had a little
mysterious atmosphere.

Interviewer: Did you plan to write down the lyrics in English from the beginning?

Ruki: I tried to write it down in Japanese first, but...I couldn't
express it very well. I thought it might be cool if I wrote it down in
English so I decided to. There's no other reason.

Interviewer: However, it's powerful because you wrote it with very long English sentences.

Ruki: I don't know if it's correct...well, it's specially visual. When
you watch the movie, try to listen to this song and the message in it
would be shown clearly.

Maximum Impulse

Interviewer: I heard Uruha wrote this. It impresses me because the main part of this song is really enjoyable.

Uruha: I composed it from the main part and I wanted it to have an
enjoyable atmosphere. It was like I'd got the bits that I wanted from
before. But there are puzzling parts for Ruki, aren't there?

Interviewer: At the beginning of the song, the hip hop part, I thought
"Does really Ruki sing this?". It was really manly (laughs).

Uruha: I wanted him to sound manly.

Ruki: I didn't know how low to make my voice...and after I did it I thought maybe I was too manly (laughs).

Aoi: No, you are really manly.

Uruha: Well, the key words of this song are 'male' and 'pleasure'.

Ruki: About the lyrics...it expresses my experience when I got an
impulse to a music. 'Maximum Impulse' means just that. I compared it to
a drug. Drugs have an addiction and so does music.

Hana kotoba

Aoi: I wrote Hana kotoba.

Interviewer: It's a very lyrical and amazing song, isn't it?

Aoi: I wanted it to be a dramatic number (laughs). It flows well and there's an emotional part...I tried to contrast it.

Kai: It was really difficult to express my feelings in this song. It
was really hard because it doesn't really make a point of the force.

Interviewer: What kind of image did you get with the lyrics?

Ruki: First of all Aoi told me the image of the song was hydrangeas,
but I couldn't do anything with that (laughs). The image that I had
wasn't a beautiful flower...like...almost a horsetail.

All: A horsetail?

Ruki: What can I say? It's really dirty flower...

Aoi: You mean, the flower which blooms on the crevasse of asphalt?

Ruki: Yes, that's right. It's like being splashed with water by a car.
Dogs are like that as well. There are pedigrees and mongrels. It is
kind of discrimination and I wanted to express it.

Tokyo Shinjuu

Ruki: I wrote this one. It is kind of like a old style Japanese song
called 'Kayou kyoku'. But I wanted it to be a different version of it.
I said to the members that it should be similar to 17 years ago.

Interviewer: The sound of the bass guitar is strongly emphasized in it.

Reita: I was really conscious about the old style Japanese song.

Ruki: It's a cool song.

Interviewer: Moving to the lyrics. The theme of this song is 'runaway', and it's quite romantic.

Aoi: Because he is a romantist deep down, very different from his appearance!!

Ruki: Sometimes at the end of a drama, a theme song plays whilst an
actor says something. I had this as my image. Well, to be precise, the
image of the drama is Kita no kuni kara.

Interviewer: Hotaru-chan? (laughs)

Ruki: Not Hotaru, Jun (laughs). Well...kind of warm sadness. Do you understand?


Ruki: The song is about sex, drugs and rock n roll and it's like rock n
roll, which isn't like rock. I had a criminal image that looked like

Interviewer: Who wrote it?

Ruki: I did. It's punk music.

Uruha: But the main part of this song is pop.

Ruki: A lot of punk music that I know is normally pop. Their melodies are normally really catchy.

Interviewer: There are some real names such as 'Kurt Cobain',
'Courtney' and 'Malcom' in this song. Does it contain the meaning of
respect to them?

Ruki: Yes it does. Did you know that a long time ago people thought that coke contained cocaine?

Reita: It's a tale that I told you guys!!

Kai: I knew it from before too!!

Reita: You Liar!!

All: (laugh)

Anti pop

Reita: This song wasn't finished when the drum recording started.

Kai: I felt anxious, which I hadn't really felt before (laughs). We made it by force. I think this force appears in the song.

Uruha: Anti pop, which Reita wrote, didn't have anything but an
introduction when he first wrote it. Then he shifted it to other
members and was like "someone, compose it" (laughs).

Reita: My brain wasn't working!! (laughs)

Ruki: He only composed the jazzy part of the introduction.

Reita: No!! I composed up until the jazzy part changes tempo suddenly.
Anyway, all I could think of was changing the tempo suddenly. I wanted
to do that and it sounded good so it was nice for me. If I had time to
compose it, it wouldn't have had such a force. I was like "God, no
time, no time!!" so it became a fast tune.

Uruha: I felt a lot of achievement when we finished recording. This is
my favourite part of the album and I think this song is the most
important point for Gazette.

Reita: If this album didn't have it, there wouldn't be any motivation. Anyway, there must be an exciting song on an album.

Kai: This song is the flavour of Disorder.

Shishi gatsu youka

Uruha: You need to check this song out!! The lyrics are amazing. I cried.

Interviewer: I heard it's a sequel of Wakaremichi.

Ruki: I like sequels. These lyrics are, basically, a story set 2 years after Wakaremichi.

Interviewer:Wakaremichi is very popular in your concerts, do you think this song would become an important part in it?

Ruki: It's like goodbye to Wakaremichi.

Interviewer: So, you hope this song will replace Wakaremichi?

Ruki: Yeah.

Aoi: But wouldn't it be nice if we played both Wakaremichi and Shishi gatsu
youka in a concert?

Ruki: It's too stupid!!

Aoi: It's stupid?

Uruha: But this is a tale of 2 years after Wakaremichi isn't it? So, isn't it good?


Uruha: I wrote this. The basic image is either a sunset or the
countryside...I imagined the surface of the ground was still soil, and
there was sunset.

Ruki: When I wrote the lyrics for this song I saw a discussion about
war on TV. Then I thought how much it matched the song. When I listened
to it at first, I thought it sounded a bit like a war song.

Interviewer:And so an antiwar song was born, right? Uruha, as a
composer, what did you think about the lyrics having such a strong

Uruha: I wanted him to write meaningful lyrics. I didn't want it to
become a love story, so it was really great. Disorder is the title of
the album and it contains a lot of distractive songs. But at last, we
can see it from a calmless view point. I like something distractive
but, from the realistic point of view, the war isn't good...
Ruki: This album expresses a hero's disorder. Something in the human
mind was expressed with these 12 songs. If you understand this then I
think you'll find everything's linked.

Uruha: Well, I think you can interpret it how you want. This album is very disordered.

Reita: We did the things in this album that we wanted to do!!

Aoi: There are 12 songs and each of them are very different so you
won't get tired of listening to them. I think the musical personalities
of Gazette were shown through the songs as well.

Uruha: When I started a band I always wanted to perform cool music or
something like that, but recently I felt that I actually want to prove
something to our audience. I think this album became the chance for us
to convince our audience of something.


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Disorder-Fools Mate - November 2004
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