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 100 question/2003

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The N o s e l e s s A d m i n
The N o s e l e s s A d m i n

Male Number of posts : 394
Age : 30
Localisation : montréal
favorite band : The GazettE
favorite member : Reita
Registration date : 2006-08-21

PostSubject: 100 question/2003   Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:55 pm

100 Questions

ShoxxBis - December 2003

1. Birthday

Ruki:February 1st, 1982

Uruha:June 9th

Aoi:January 20th

Reita:May 27th

Kai:October 28th

2. Blood type






3. Hometown

Ruki: Kanagawa

Uruha: Kanagawa


Reita: Kanagawa

Kai: Tokushima

4. Height / Weight

Ruki: I don't know. I'm not saying. (he's 5.4pXD)

Uruha: 177cm, 62kg.

Aoi: 171cm, 55kg

Reita: 172 cm, 55kg

Kai: 172 cm, 55kg

5. Shoe size

Ruki: 25.5 cm

Uruha: 27.5 cm

Aoi: 26 cm

Reita: 26.0 cm

Kai: 26 cm

6. Family Structure

Ruki: Me, mother, father, older brother, dog

Uruha: Father, mother, 2 older sisters, 2 nephews

Aoi: Father, Mmother, older sister, older brother, me

Reita: Grandmother, mother, older sister

Kai: mother, grandmother

7. What is your first memory?

Ruki: Swinging around an Ultraman vinyl doll.

Uruha: I often hid inside my mother's skirt.

Aoi: The place where I ate snacks with my relatives.

Reita: Falling from the shinkansen vehicle.

Kai: Bumping my head to the corner of the shouji-screen.

8. What did you want to be as a child?

Ruki: A fireman

Uruha: A football player

Aoi: A bike racer

Reita: A soccer player

Kai: A soccer player

9. Childhood nickname

Ruki: Takachan

Uruha: Shima (note: stripe? island?manta!XD)

Aoi: I didn't have one

Reita: Uechan

Kai: Yukkun

10. What was usually written on your report card?

Ruki: ¡°Cannot hold composure.¡±

Uruha: ¡°Do the best even at your worst subjects.¡±

Aoi: ¡°Because there are a lot of things you forget, take care not to forget these things.¡±

Reita:¡°Does not have composure.¡±

Kai: ¡°An energetic and a good child.¡±

11. As a student, what was your music report?

Ruki: 2!

Uruha: 2 in 5th grade

Aoi: 4

Reita: 2 in 5th grade

Kai: 5

12. Strongest subject in school?

Ruki: english and Japanese

Uruha: Art

Aoi: Home economics

Reita: Japanese

Kai: Mathematics

13. What clubs did you belong to in school?

Ruki: Golf (there is a reason)

Uruha: Soccer

Aoi: Baseball


Kai: Soccer

14. What kind of person do people frequently say you are?

Ruki: Nervous

Uruha: At my own pace

Aoi:They don't discuss it much¡¡

Reita: Kind, restless

Kai: Interesting person

15. What kind of animal do you compare yourself with?

Ruki: Is it a dog? I'll shake my tail for you.

Uruha: A duck or a dog

Aoi: People have said that I'm like a fox.

Reita: Cheetah

Kai: Monkey

16. Strong point and weak point

Ruki: Too many

Uruha: Both at my own pace

Aoi: Strong point: looking after, helping / Weak point: getting sulky

Reita: Strong point: gentle / Weak point: stubbornness

Kai: Strong point: Being positive / Weak Point: Forgetting things

17. Something you don't want to lose to

Ruki: Everything in regards to that feeling

Uruha: Street Fighter II

Aoi: A live

Reita: Face wrapping

Kai: A bullying character

18. What do you notice about someone when meeting them for a first time?

Ruki: Face

Uruha: Mind/Heart

Aoi: Face and clothes

Reita: Whole figure

Kai: Mouth

19. Who/what is your rival?

Ruki: Remarkable person


Aoi: My father

Reita: All the other band-members

Kai: Reita

20. Do you have a hero?

Ruki: Kewpie

Uruha: Ultraman. Baltan alien (from Ultraman)

Aoi: My parents

Reita: Takanori Hatakeyama (Japanese boxer)

Kai: My mother

21. Pick-up line

Ruki: I like you a lot! Kehe.

Uruha: I like you!

Aoi: I like you!

Reita: Since I like you a lot, will you go out with me?

Kai: Stick with me! (*laugh*)

22. If you could be another member for one day, who would you choose? And why?

Ruki: No one.

Uruha: Kai, so that I could make bentou (box lunch) for everybody.

Aoi: Me. It's good being me.

Reita: Aoi, because he can speak 3 dialects.

Kai: Ruki, I want to mess up his room.

23. Habit?

Ruki: When I don't realize that inside I am smiling bitterly

Uruha: Looking at people's faces and grinning

Aoi: Playing with my sideburns

Reita: Hitting the drum

Kai: Using make-up

24. Favorite phrase

Ruki: Did you lose it? Hahaa?

Uruha:Eh? You¡¯re being serious?

Aoi: No.

Reita: BTW¡­ (note: I couldn¡¯t translate the rest of the sentence)

Kai: Ha! What's this! I wonder what it is¡­

25. Interests at the moment

Ruki: Collecting hats, turning my room into a zakkaya (a shop)

Uruha: Playstation 2

Aoi: Shopping anywhere, and a lot

Reita: Collecting Sex Pistols-items

Kai: Kopan (a pastry)

26. Something you¡¯re known for among the members

Ruki: Winning Eleven (A Soccer-game for PS2)

Uruha: Teasing Kai

Aoi: Winning Eleven

Reita: Winning Eleven

Kai: Food

27. Favorite color

Ruki: Black, shocking pink

Uruha: Silver

Aoi: Black, white

Reita: Red, white, purple

Kai: Black, red, white, gold, silver

28. Cigarette brand

Ruki: Salem Pianissimo, Marlboro Menthol Light

Uruha: Marlboro Menthol Light

Aoi: Marlboro Menthol

Reita: Mild Seven Light

Kai: Marlboro Reds Box

29. Favorite clothing brand

Ruki: shocker, THE GAMBLERS, (Pink Dora)

Uruha: PPFM

Aoi: Froid Tideur, Ozone

Reita: Back Street Crawler, Ozone Rocks

Kai: I don't have one

30. What cologne are you wearing now?

Ruki: CK-One

Uruha: I don't really know (souvenir from America)

Aoi: Anything for men by Davidoff

Reita: Bvlgari Pour Homme

Kai: Jaguar

31. Things you are collecting?

Ruki: Hats, patterned shirts

Uruha: Accessories

Aoi: Sunglasses, cologne, clothing, accessories

Reita: Everything that has something to do with Sex Pistols, like DVDs

Kai: Zippos

32. Things you like to eat

Ruki: Spaghetti

Uruha: Origin bentou's mentai kurokke bentou

Aoi: Things made with love

Reita: Kit Kat, tarakosupa (some sort of noodle-dish)

Kai: Bananas, Kopan (a biscuit), nattou (fermented soybeans), mayonnaise
(note: nattou is said to be the most horrible food in the world. Oh
well¡­ ^^Wink

33. Foods you dislike

Ruki: Peppers, strawberries

Uruha: Olives

Aoi: Nothing

Reita: Vegetables, mushrooms, shellfish, Kai's cooking (note: aww ;_Wink

Kai:Eggplant, taro root

34. Cooking specialty


Uruha: Taco rice

Aoi: Boiled rice

Reita: I cannot cook!!

Kai: Doria (baked rice, vegetable and cheese sauce casserole), omelette rice, pasta

35. What items do you have always in your refrigerator?

Ruki: ?

Uruha: Cola

Aoi: I don't have a refrigerator

Reita: Mugicha (barley tea), pudding

Kai: Mayonnaise

36. Favorite book


Uruha: Silver Accessory Magazines

Aoi: Guitar books to increase knowledge

Reita: Kewpie

Kai: Hunter X Hunter, One Piece

37. A movie that impressed you?

Ruki:From the north country

Uruha: The Pianist

Aoi: Some movie about New York

Reita: John Q

Kai: I am Sam

38. Drama by which you were deeply moved?

Ruki: Hakusen Nagashi

Uruha:Furikaereba yatsu ga iru (old, from 1993)

Aoi: I haven't seen any

Reita: Tokyo Love Story

Kai: 101 kaime no puropozu (101 Proposals)

39. Favorite season and why?

Ruki:Winter, because then I can make songs

Uruha: Spring! It's toasty warm...

Aoi: Winter

Reita: Spring, since it's easy to spend time in the climate

Kai: Winter, because I like Christmas

40. Every day necessities

Ruki: Cigarettes, cell phone

Uruha: Clothes

Aoi: Sunglasses, cologne

Reita: Vitamin pills

Kai: Carrying...... mayonnaise?

41. What do you wear when sleeping?

Ruki Soccer uniform

Uruha: T-shirt and boxers

Aoi:T-shirt and Jersey pants

Reita: Underwear

Kai: Naked, when no one¡¯s around

42. What kind of driver¡¯s license do you have?

Ruki: Motorcycle

Uruha: Standard driver¡¯s licence

Aoi: Medium-sized automatic 2-wheeler, general automobile

Reita: General licence


43. Up until now, the most expensive item purchased

Ruki: I can't remember

Uruha: Guitar

Aoi: Motorcycle

Reita: Car

Kai: Computer

44. If you weren¡¯t a musician, what would you most likely be?

Ruki: Clothing shop-clerk or helping at a general store

Uruha: Gamer

Aoi: Carpenter

Reita: Candy maker

Kai: Working at a restaurant

45. If you won the lottery, what would you do?
Ruki: Shop till I drop.

Uruha: Clone myself! Uruha number 2.

Aoi:Buy a Mac and turn my house into a studio

Reita: Return money to my parents, after that buy equipment.

Kai: Save it

46. Until now, what is the biggest practical joke you done?

Ruki: Shoplifting

Uruha: In elementary school, I snuck into a fishing shop early in the morning.

Aoi: I gave my friend a "kancho" and it made me excited. (note: Kanch¨­ is a
game or trick often played in Japan by young school-aged children; it
is performed by clasping the hands together so the index fingers are
pointing out and attempting to insert them into someone's anal region
when the victim is not looking. ^^;Wink

Reita: I threw trash under Ruki's bed.

Kai: I lied about my birthday.

47. Stage drink?

Ruki: Pocari

Uruha: Sport drink

Aoi: Water

Reita: Some kind of sport drink

Kai: --

48. What is your most frightening memory?

Ruki:Spirit video. Curse video.

Uruha: Being chased by the Yakuza (Japanese mafia)

Aoi: The time I photographed at hospital ruins

Reita: Watching a curse video

Kai: Being frozen by fear

49. Favorite motto/saying?

Ruki: ---

Uruha: In order to change, change

Aoi: Believe in yourself

Reita: If you try hard, you can do it

Kai: Killing two birds with one stone

50. Something others say that makes you happy?

Ruki: "You're a good guy..."

Uruha: ¡°If you can accept me, I am happy¡±

Aoi: ¡°Nice guitar playing¡±

Reita: ¡°He's wonderful, isn't he?¡±

Kai: ¡°You're the best!¡±


Shima-Bassiste+Leader Akuryou-Chanteuse Setsu-Guitariste second guitar=search the guitarist 2?Oo...= Search the drummer 2!

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S h i m a
The N o s e l e s s A d m i n
The N o s e l e s s A d m i n

Male Number of posts : 394
Age : 30
Localisation : montréal
favorite band : The GazettE
favorite member : Reita
Registration date : 2006-08-21

PostSubject: Re: 100 question/2003   Tue Aug 28, 2007 5:24 pm

51. Experiences or things that made you emotional?

Ruki: Singing Okuribi sometimes I fills me with joy

Uruha: At the one man live where everyone joined hands and jumped

Aoi: When everyone sang "Wakaremichi" at the live

Reita: The first time I saw myself in a book

Kai: When I was hospitalized, I received 1000 cranes!

52. Type of woman you like?

Ruki: Cute child. Cute child. (note: Ruki has a habit to call people ¡°ko¡±
which means child, so he¡¯s not necessarily meaning a child here.)

Uruha: Person who holds me perfectly.

Aoi: A person to laugh with

Reita: Someone to settle down with together, devoted, giving, kind , ladylike woman.

Kai: Short cut, black hair, interesting person

53. Type of woman you dislike

Ruki: That one. Worthless person


Aoi: Person who cools down quite a bit

Reita: Bad person who uses vulgar language

Kai: A girl wearing too much decoration

54. Treasured item?

Ruki: Band. Fans.

Uruha: My guitar.

Aoi: Band members and fans.

Reita: Fans

Kai: Band members

55. Your current worry

Ruki: My sofa is broken.

Uruha: I am trying not to worry.

Aoi: Making noise

Reita: I am trying not to have any worries

Kai: None

56. Time when you feel happy

Ruki: Feeling the winter breeze is a good feeling.

Uruha: When I am in love.

Aoi: Making music

Reita: When I hear music, at lives

Kai: At lives

57. Number one place to relax

Ruki: Room

Uruha: Countryside

Aoi: Stage

Reita: My own home

Kai: My own room

58. Place you dislike

Ruki: Tour bus

Uruha: City people's trash

Aoi:A place where ghosts get out

Reita: Appearing in public

Kai: Place with a lot of people

59. Number one place in Japan you want to go

Ruki: Local area

Uruha: Sense forest area, sea of trees

Aoi: Top of the scene

Reita: Yamaguchi-prefecture

Kai: Okinawa

60. Number one foreign location you would like to go?

Ruki: London Nights

Uruha: New York


Reita: France, Italy

Kai: France

61. Right now, the person you want to meet most

Ruki: Dog that passed away

Uruha: Bob Sapp (comedian/pro wrestler)

Aoi: Friends (note: I think he means his hometown-friends.)

Reita: My deceased grandfather

Kai: First love

62. If you could change, would you be born as a man or woman?

Ruki: Man!

Uruha: Man! Because I am not disliking being a man

Aoi: Man! It's fun being a man after all

Reita: Man is good. Because it seems womanly relations are slushy

Kai: Man! I want to be in a band again (note: and women can¡¯t be? ^_^Wink

63. If you were given 3 wishes, what would you ask for?

Ruki: Give me money, give me love, fulfill my dream.

Uruha: I want to make my parents happy. I want to see the northern lights. I want Doraemon's pocket.

Aoi: Give me a Mac! I want to enjoy the current time more! Make everyone happy!

Reita: I want a laptop. I want everyone to know about Gazette. I want to like vegetables.

Kai: Money, I want a "dokodemo doa". I want to return to the past

64. Worst mistake of your life?

Ruki: Causing trouble for my parents

Uruha: License photograph (note: xD)

Aoi: Wasting time

Reita: Taking out a lot of loans.

Kai: I don't have any...

65. Out of the dreams you've had, what is the strangest?

Ruki:I was almost killed by a cat.

Uruha: Been shot (many times).

Aoi: I had a dream that at the Nagoya port 4 corpses floated up! On top of that the corpses were laughing.

Reita: I was the vocalist... I sang with Ruki in a twin vocal... it was fun...

Kai: The dream where Reita was my mother (note: awww)

66. Something you were happy to receive?

Ruki: A wallet

Uruha: Accessories, clothes

Aoi: Clothes

Reita: Letter, cigarettes, (joint) letter I received for my birthday

Kai: Clothes, Zippo, accessories

67. What kind of part time jobs have you done?

Ruki: Denny's, Royal Host

Uruha: Vegetable store

Aoi: Convenience store and a Wedding Hall

Reita: Bread shop, Sweets shop

Kai: Restaurant, cleaning

68. What has been on your mind recently?

Ruki: What's left of my room¡­

Uruha: North Korea

Aoi: Gazette from hereafter

Reita:How long I will bandage my face.

Kai: The lack of Reita's nose. (note: okay, he has a nose, so don¡¯t believe Kai. ^^Wink

69. How do you spend your days off?

Ruki: In my room doing nothing

Uruha: Idling

Aoi: Casually playing the guitar

Reita: It's great just to sleep... after that play games and such

Kai: Watch videos, making songs

70. Person whom you respect

Ruki: Parents

Uruha: Sugizo-san

Aoi: Parents

Reita: Takanori Hatakeyama (Japanese boxer)

Kai: Mother

71. Artist you like right now

Ruki: King Giddra

Uruha: King Giddra

Aoi: No one especially

Reita: Rappa Gariya

Kai: Dir en grey, Hi-STANDARD

72. Your favorite CD right now

Ruki: Right now DJ Krash - Mirai

Uruha: Saishuuheiki

Aoi: Ayumi Hamasaki - I am

Reita: Gazette of course...

Kai: Marilyn Manson

73. Artist who has influenced you



Aoi: Quite many



74. Artist you would like to have a session with?

Ruki: Collie (note: I¡¯m not sure about this. If somebody knows what it is, feel free to send me the correct option.)

Uruha: Sugizo-san


Reita: Gracious (note: again, not sure about this¡­)

Kai: Gackt

75. First record/CD purchased

Ruki: m.c.A.T's "Bomb A Head"

Uruha: B'z ¨C Risky

Aoi: Odoru ponpokorin

Reita: Checker's The Broken Hearted Lullaby

Kai: Lindberg's "Motto aishi aimashou"

76. First live you went to

Ruki: X Japan

Uruha: Friend's live

Aoi: I went to see an event at Mie (note: not sure about the place)

Reita: Hiroshi Itsuki-san

Kai: SMAP! (*laugh*)

77. Live you want to go to right now

Ruki: none

Uruha:Gazette, because I can't watch

Aoi: Metallica's tour in November

Reita: Mad Capsule Markets

Kai: Marilyn Manson's live

78. Song you copied in the beginning?

Ruki: Sex Pistols - Bodies

Uruha: Luna Sea - In My Dream

Aoi: X - Kurenai
Reita:LUNA SEA - Precious

Kai: Luna Sea - Jesus

79. Describe first time you played in front of an audience?

Ruki: 3rd year of middle school, at a camp

Uruha: 3rd year middle school Bunkasai

Aoi: Around middle school in the local gym

Reita: In my 2nd year of high school on Oct. 28th at a local livehouse

Kai: 1st year of middle school at my mom's piano recital

80. Live show that left an impression? When? Where? Why?

Ruki: None yet. In the future.

Uruha:Area One-Man! It was fun.

Aoi: September 6 Gazette Area One-Man. Until then I hadn't done any lives that left an impression.

Reita: Area One-Man! It was the first time I saw just Gazette fans.

Kai: July 22 Cheetah. It was my first live after getting out from the hospital.

81. Which of your songs suits you most?

Ruki: Okuribi. Ito. Juunana Sai. I think those were good.

Uruha: Okuribi

Aoi: Wakaremichi

Reita: Ito

Kai: Haru ni chirikeri, mi wa kareru de gozaimasu

82. Where would you like to play live?

Ruki: AREA

Uruha: AREA

Aoi: Takadanobaba Area

Reita: AREA

Kai: Urawa Narciss

83. To what do you pay attention in the sound?

Ruki: Don't go off key. Put feeling into it.

Uruha: When the sounds of five people are layered, is everything blended well.

Aoi: The best environment for creativity

Reita: The drums

Kai: The rhythm

84. What do you enjoy on tour?

Ruki: District laws

Uruha: Meeting Gazette fans from all over the country

Aoi: Meeting fans from all over the country

Reita:Food. Then the impressions of fans from various places.

Kai: Conversation inside the tour bus

85. On tour, what is worst?

Ruki: District laws

Uruha: Almost becoming homesick

Aoi: Travelling around

Reita: Not enough time to sleep. Driving.

Kai: Being sleepy

86. On tour, what needs do you pay attention to?

Ruki: Local food. It doesn't mess up your stomach I think...

Uruha: Not having accidents

Aoi: Management of equipment

Reita: Always all my power!!

Kai: Even if every place seems to be the same, having a great live-performance

87. What do you do before a live?

Ruki: Smoke a cigarette

Uruha: Warm-up exercises, stretch

Aoi: Convince myself "Ore, Saikou!" (I am the best!)

Reita: Stretch

Kai: Take a deep breath

88. What do you do after a live?

Ruki: Smoke a cigarette

Uruha: Drink cola, get a smoke

Aoi: Mouthwash

Reita: Guzzle drinks

Kai: Smoke a cigarette

89. How do you relieve stress?

Ruki: Smoke

Uruha: Playstation

Aoi: Games

Reita: Knock out in the car

Kai: Games

90. Your superstition?

Ruki: None

Uruha: The more modest a person, the more people will be drawn to that person. ¡¡

Aoi: Because I believe in myself, nothing in particular

Reita: I only believe in myself

Kai: None

91. What is your musical point you do better than anything else?

Ruki: Show my will

Uruha: Expressing emotions

Aoi: Steady effort

Reita: How can I express that myself?

Kai: Being pleasant

92. Something fun the band does?

Ruki: The band is fun.

Uruha: Not having a destination point.

Aoi: Doing music

Reita: Everything is fun

Kai: Live shows

93. What things are tough when being in a band?

Ruki: There is nothing.

Uruha: If you advance towards the goal and reach it, you still feel it¡¯s moving away.

Aoi: Because of living time of the day, it's disconnected

Reita:Life is disordered

Kai: None

94. Personal success?

Ruki: When I reach my limit....... thinking about it.

Uruha: Burning out things I like! Persisting until the end

Aoi: Time when I was able to accept people all around me

Reita: Satisfaction with myself

Kai: Time when I am able to shine

95. Message to yourself now

Ruki: Do your best!! If you do the best, you will be ok!

Uruha:You are still the baby bird who wears a shell...

Aoi: Only you can do it!

Reita: Can't you try harder?

Kai: Try harder!

96. What would you say to yourself 10 years from now?

Ruki: You have grown haven't you?

Uruha: ---

Aoi: Remember the old days!

Reita: How are you? Are you doing music?

Kai: ---Are various meanings all right? (*laugh*)

97. Message to each member

Ruki: Uruha, Reita, Aoi, Kai : Let's all (of you) become happy.

Uruha: Ruki: You believe and we follow.
Reita: Thank you always.
Aoi: Together let's do our best.
Kai: Nice mood maker!

Aoi: To all members: When there are five people it's ok! Only then we can do it!

Ruki: I'm always staying over, sorry
Aoi: Aki ga koyanshi
Uruha: Onibaku "demon bomber"
Kai: Bentoman

Ruki: Clothes please!
Uruha: Stop telling lies! (*laugh*)
Aoi: Let me borrow game software
Reita: Let's still be friends!

98. Outlook from here on?

Ruki: Take the whole country...

Uruha: Secret <3

Aoi: --- I'm unable to say here!

Reita: Let's grow with force!!

Kai: Making Gazette live in history.

99. Message to your fans

Ruki: Look and see sent from heaven... Thank you

Uruha: Whenever, forever, believe and come along!

Aoi: Thanks for always supporting us!

Reita:Follow us

Kai:Isn't Gazette the best!?

100. What does Gazette mean to you?

Ruki: Dream.

Uruha: We constructed life's rails with our will¡¡

Aoi: The best partner

Reita: Youth.

Kai: Life!!


Shima-Bassiste+Leader Akuryou-Chanteuse Setsu-Guitariste second guitar=search the guitarist 2?Oo...= Search the drummer 2!
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100 question/2003
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