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 Illegal CD

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The N o s e l e s s A d m i n

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PostSubject: Illegal CD   Wed Dec 05, 2007 7:33 pm

I do not know if that sometimes happened to you when buying copies of CDs but me yes and it is punt because for the j-music all that is here it is, kind miya records or tofu records. approximately y' does not have too many differences between the original and the copy in general except that it is half-price until now this did not disturb me too much, I found that this made when same the deal, but yesterday I went to buy the NILE to me de gazette in the Chinese district has Montreal.... when I unpacked it my reaction was "What is this!?!" limps was REALLY cheap, not basic image below CD (in limps). the small pocket does not return in limps (this I think that it is of same for the original) and in the place or there the small pocket is when the format is normal there is a small paper with nothing has endorsement. moreover, this I do not know if the original is made like this, but the songs in the small pocket are not placed in the good order.... and it is printed any eighth note. At least the sound is good... it is the first time that this arrives to me with miya records; I had also already bought scratched CD which bug and one limps triple which broke when I opened it in short I advise you to pay attention when you buy of CDs.....


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Illegal CD
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