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 Fan service

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S h i m a
The N o s e l e s s A d m i n
The N o s e l e s s A d m i n

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PostSubject: Fan service   Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:38 pm

so since a little bit time The GazettE especialy ruki started to do fan service...check by yourself

Ruki stuck his face between Uruha's legs(one of his legs were up on the vocalist stage thing). Ruki runs a finger along the leg that's up, and then licks it o:
After that Uruha sticks his face between Aoi's legs(yessss), and plays a chord on Aoi's guitar.
Uruha also chased Aoi halfway across the stage once, too. 8D

Also from Aoi and uruha(what uruha again?XD)

omg uruha how could youXD

Also Aoi flipped when Uruha kissed him and he was thinking he was asking im to a mariage (I am sure it,s a joke soXD) and then uruha said if french kissed him like this it,s because he was too cute:X Also Aoi said he tried to dodge and avoid the kiss...(yeah rigth why you are holding uruha on the pic then?Oo) Also they took it off from the video....ermm dammit guys everybody saw it dont try to hide it!XD


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ㄨH y e n aㄨ
ㄨH y e n aㄨ

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PostSubject: Re: Fan service   Fri Dec 07, 2007 4:44 pm


MiyaviXAoi is much better

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Fan service
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